Dependency on Technology Has Killed Health

Every one aspires to have the perfect figure and an optimized BMI. We should follow a healthy diet chart to keep up in shape. But to what extent are these helping us.

Looking back to the generation of our grandparents, they never had gymnasium for their workouts or followed a diet chart. They never compromise on eating their favorite food. They ate all that they wanted. They hardly gave dedicate time for exercises. But we, on the other hand, spend most of our time planning our diet chart and opting for personal trainers. The generation of our parents also is involved in planning, dieting etc, but much lesser as compared to our generation and much more compared to our grandparents. However, if we have to analyze healthiness at various ages, we would feel that our grandparents were much more active and fit than our parents and so are our parents than us.

Have we ever tried to analyze this? Well, if you spend a couple of minutes, you would agree that it’s all about how we have made our life dependent on technology. Our grandparents spent all their time doing work manually. Even to talk to people, they had to physically travel to their house. From grinding wheat to spices, they did all with hand devices. If they wanted to do clean, they never had vacuum cleaners or other devices. They had to clean with a stick and cloth. All the food ingredients were made from the scratch over the ones that we now easily get in stores.

By doing all these activities, they spent a good amount of time doing work manually, thus adding to the physical activity needed. They would not have car to drive; they would either walk or use a bicycle, which again involved physical exercise. They never kept themselves in closed rooms under air conditioner. Rather they spent all their time in fresh air, thus taking in all the minerals and vitamins naturally.

They ate less outside and mostly at home; hence there was no need to focus on a diet chart. They used vegetables grown in their own fields, which were rich in minerals and vitamins and free from pesticides.

Their dependency on gadget as a gift of technology was so less that their life was much fitter than ours. They never had to worry about what exercise to do and when to do. It’s not that technology is bad, but we should do an optimized use of technology to be able to enjoy its benefit and save ourselves from its side effects.

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